In this anytime, anywhere digital eco-system, Attorneys Brief brings the best digital skills for law firms in the management of their Law Practice, Client Portal, Law Office, Security and Support Tools with a well-defined Training & Mentoring Academy.
Now you can run your law practice and manage your law firm remotely from any device and from anywhere within the globe.
Now you can run your law practice and manage your law firm remotely from any device and from anywhere within the globe.
Legal Practice Management Tool
Manage your Client Cases, Documents, Communication and Billing

AttorneysBrief brings to you everything you need to know about legal practice management system. This tool helps you store firm’s information in one secure place, manage cases, contacts, calendaring, documents, legal workflow (tasks), time tracking, billing and more... read more

Counsel Access Management, Tasks and Calendering

Assign tasks to your counsel and manage what they can access. Create events with AttorneysBrief calendaring and much more... read more

Don’t let big data overwhelm your law firm. Instead learn to harness it with our data analytics tool.

Our data analytics helps legal professionals draw insights from their large volume of data to enable them make data-driven decisions on which to build their legal strategies... read more

Client Portal
Client Portal Management

Everything in one place communication; court proceedings; course list etc. Through a single login, clients are able to keep track of their current status of all their matters and review any document sent to them. Read More

Law Office Management Tool
Human Resource

Organize personnel records and manages staff discipline to ensure your employees are resilient and productive... read more


Management of staff salaries, office expenditures and purchase records... read more

Inventroy/Asset Management

A Single repository to track all asset inventory with ease - anytime, anywhere... read more

The Training Academy
As technology becomes more central to the workspace, so does the understanding of IT Infrastructure.
Digital Natives - imbibing Technology and its Forensic Application in Modern Law Practice

One of the key missions of Attorneys Brief is to transform the practice of law, by proudly supporting the next generation of digital natives and the early bar the best way we can. This effort will help prepare the early birds for the future of legal practice. From task assignment, to time tracking, to file management, lawyers will learn everything they need to succeed in the practice of law in today’s digital environment. We believe that with the right technology in place and efficiently delivered, the practice of law can be more client friendly and effective. Read More

Our African Training Partners - DECFI

In delivering the much needed education and mentorship of the African Bar in understanding the use of technology and its forensic application in modern law practice, we identify with Digital Evidence and Cyber Forensic Institute, Nigeria whose sole mission is to chart the pathways for the Digital Transformation of Lawyers, Judges, Magistrates, Prosecutors, Corporate Legal Counsel and Law Students in the Universities & Law Schools within the African region in:

  • Digital Evidence,
  • eDiscovery,
  • Digital Forensic Investigation/Prosecution and
  • Data Security.
Read More
Mentorship Program
Africa Millennial Lawyers - The Digital Natives
Mentorship for Early Bar
With the amount of electronic data that traverse the digital eco-system, no 21st century trial lawyer is likely to succeed without knowledge of digital evidence and eDiscovery issues and their applicable methodology. A competent litigator must understand such electronic concepts of evidence in the digital domain and electronic discovery processes pertaining to document requests, production and analysis. He must also competently discuss technology-assisted review or predictive coding and defend the methods that their eDiscovery providers use. Above all, every lawyer needs basic knowledge of how the Internet works; how computer systems, tools and storage functionality are preserved; how digital forensic investigations are conducted; understanding forensic expert evidence and a host of other electronic dynamics relevant to 21st century litigation. Read More
One of the key missions of AttorneysBrief is to transform the practice of law, by proudly supporting the next generation of digital natives and the early bar the best way we can.
Security and Support Tools
Secure Socket Layer (SSL) Encryption
AttorneysBrief delivers bank-grade law firm security to keep your most critical client data and correspondences safe. Read More
Permissions (Internal Security)
AttorneysBrief provides high level internal security mechanism to restrict visibility of sensitive case/document information to certain users in your firm. Read More
Data Privacy Regulation Compliance
AttorneysBrief is supportive of the privacy regulations in all regions of our operation and in forefront of data security standards for legal service providers. Read More
Whatever issues you may have, AttorneysBrief has a well-defined help desk support system ranging from ticketing support, email, phone and live chat, to address them. Read More
In the wake of the COVID-19 outbreak, we wasted no time implementing tech solutions offered by AttorneysBrief. The platform provided by AttorneysBrief fostered collaboration between our workforce and clients, engendering the “bonding experience” that was once thought only available by meeting in person. With AttorneysBrief, our billing profile, document/case management system, course list generation and client portal access are top notch. Irrespective of our location, all counsel, workforce and clients now seamlessly communicate from anywhere and at any time found expedient.
Mrs Anastasia Madubuogor Arinze – Whitehall Solicitors, Nigeria
Mrs Anastasia Madubuogor Arinze – Whitehall Solicitors, Nigeria

Frequently Asked Questions

AttorneysBrief is a complete legal practice management solution for law firms, providing the tools you need to improve organization, increase efficiency, and scale your firm operations. With AttorneysBrief, all of your important case details – documents, contacts, calendars, emails, tasks, invoices – are available in a single, organized location.

There is no limit on how many firm users and clients can use or simultaneously access AttorneysBrief Law practice and client management, and law office management suit.

There are no data storage limits, you can upload (as specially prescribed) and download as much as needed.

Yes, we can once you decide. During data migration, we will give all necessary assistance you may require in migrating or importing your existing data into AttorneysBrief to avoid loss of historical records. You’ll be able to start taking advantage of all that AttorneysBrief has to offer with guided account setup and training for everyone at your firm. Get more information on AttorneysBrief Guided Implementation here.

AttorneysBrief is committed to keeping your data safe, both when sending and storing your data. Our bank-grade 256-bit SSL encryption provides a secure connection when sending and receiving data. And all stored data is encrypted with 256-bit AES encryption. In addition, your law firm’s data is backed up nightly to redundant, GoDaddy S3 servers in the US.

Yes. At AttorneysBrief Academy you can learn about -----

With AttorneysBrief, you get unlimited free access to live training and comprehensive support resources. Our extensive knowledgebase is complete with helpful walkthroughs, training videos, and answers to frequently asked questions. We are also happy to schedule additional one-on-one training as needed at no additional cost to you.

We are continually working to ensure that AttorneysBrief remains the leading and most innovative cloud-based practice management system in the world. Thanks to valued feedback from users like you, product improvements and updates are integrated seamlessly several times per month.

If there is anything we have not covered here or you have any specific questions about your account, just let us know and we will be happy to address them:

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